Profile Picture Manager

Last week I threw together a quick form in PrimalForms that allows users to do the following:

  • View their current AD user profile picture
  • Upload a new picture from a saved JPEG image
  • Use an attached webcam to take a new picture

It can be downloaded HERE.

The code I used for capturing the webcam content was found somewhere online. I didn’t initially plan to post the finished product online, so didn’t think to save the source of code. If I happen to run across the source I’ll post it. UPDATED: SOURCE

The icons used in the form were just ones I found on a Google image search. Most certainly didn’t make them, but seeing how I’m not selling this or making any money off the hits to this site, I don’t see how anyone should have a problem with it.

If you find any problem with the form, or have suggestions for improvements post a comment.



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