Deploy Google Chrome

Google now allows for you to get an MSI of Chrome for deployment to your organization. You can get the MSI by clicking the link below.

Once you have the MSI you simply have to run it to install Chrome. As of right now there are no parameters needed. Obviously you can get the uninstall string from the registry to perform mass uninstalls of it.

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Deploying Microsoft Report Viewer 2005

So unlike Report Viewer 2008, 2005 is a bit more difficult to install quietly. With the 2008 version you simply run “install.exe /q” and it works. With the 2005 version, you have to do the following…

ReportViewer2005.exe /q:a /c:”install.exe /q”

By doing all that, it’s quietly running the install.exe file that exists inside of the ReportViewer2005.exe file. If you simply run “ReportViewer2005.exe /q” you’ll just get a window that pops up with “Next” on it. Not what you want.


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