Prevent reboot after Office 2007 + installation

Here’s a cool tip I found. You can prevent Office 2007 and 2010 setup from wanting a reboot by doing the following.

(This is assuming that you’re using a MSP file for an automated installation by the way…)

First go into the Office Customization Tool and open up an existing MSP or configure a new one. To prevent a reboot however to the the “Modify Setup properties” section, then add a property named “SETUP_REBOOT” and give it a value of “Never”. (the property name must be in caps)

By doing this your better able to control the outcome of your automated installation. In my case, my automated Office 2010 beta installation would reboot for some people, and then not for others. That made it difficult to use ConfigMgr because of the reboot properties for the task. By adding this property to the setup and knowing that setup will never reboot by itself, I can just have the ConfigMgr install task prompt the user for a reboot, therefore cleaning up the rebooting of the installations as well.

Here’s a link to MS that shows more info on setup properties.

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File Block Settings in Word

So here’s something interesting I ran into today. A user was sent an attached MS Word Document, but was unable to open it with Word 2003, they apparently just got an error. The user then forwarded the attachment to me, and I tried opening it with Word 2010, which prompted me with a screen saying that the file type is blocked. After looking into it, it appears that the document was a Word 2 format document, and Word blocks this by default.

To unblock this you need to change the File Block Settings. To do this is Office 2007/2010, do the following…

Go to the Trust Center, then click File Block Settings, and then uncheck the checkbox for Word 2 and earlier Binary Documents and Templates.

Obviously you can use these settings for other purposes, but I just thought I would make everyone aware of it.

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